Tips for Winning Sales Presentations

Have you just secured a position as a sales representative for a new company? Chances are, you’ll need to make quality sales presentations to your prospects. The complexity of your sales presentation will be dictated the product or service you are selling as well as the needs to the prospect. Follow these recommendations from the sales professionals to ensure your presentation succeeds in converting prospects into clients.

Presumably you have already had an initial meeting with your prospect. This is the opportunity to ask probing questions, listen and take copious notes. Your initial goal is to understand their current operations and what their needs are. Only then will you be in a position to make a proposal and present solutions on how your company’s product or service can best meet those needs. Research your prospect’s company and take the information you’ve gleaned from your initial intake with the prospect and meet with your team members to uncover the most effective solutions your company can provide.

After you’ve formulated your proposal, the next part is to practice, practice and practice your presentation. You should know your material well enough that you are able to focus on your client, not stretch to remember your talking points. This polish will be evident to your prospect during the presentation. In preparing for the presentation, remember the most important thing to wear is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. Beyond that, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select a smart suit or dress from the huge selection available at Lord & Taylor. It will be well worth the investment. This can be your lucky suit. After all, you will have worn it to land your first client!

You have one opportunity to make a first impression – use it wisely. A firm handshake and eye contact will go a long way in conveying respect and intent. Best of luck to you as you convert your first prospect into a client!


The Importance of Professional Stage Production

As a former touring musician, I am intimately familiar with the anxiety and disappointment that comes with being rushed onto a stage, only to cringe at the sounds we made and/or the poor stage presence created by our immediate surroundings. As a relatively small band in the underground extreme metal scene, we were consistently told “it happens to all of us” by our peers. Of course, they were correct. When a band travels with nothing but their own instruments and the ability to play them, they are left at the mercy (or lack thereof) of the resident sound engineer and stage crew of each individual venue. We were occasionally pit against venue staff who either lacked proper equipment, lacked the skill to best utilize the equipment to mesh their venue’s setup with the nuances of our instruments, or even lacked the interest to do their own job.

We rehearsed our songs hundreds of times in order to become musically tight and put on the most interesting show possible, but all the practice in the world won’t help if you sound like a dying garbage truck due to the shortcomings of a venue’s equipment and staff. For a band in our position, simply playing the music we wanted to play was our only real goal. Sure, our shows suffered a few negative reviews due to no fault of our own, which was discouraging to put it mildly, but that is the unfortunate reality of most touring musicians.

But what happens when big-name performers run into a similar issue? What happens when a crowd of 200,000 or more pays a hefty sum for entry and are expecting an electrifying performance?

A competent production team is integral for reputation and commercial success

Big-name performers simply cannot afford the type of mishap listed above. A public appearance that is received negatively receives exponentially more media and general public attention than one that went according to plan. Incidences of famous performers falling victim to these mistakes are plentiful, and so impactful to their careers that the importance of hiring a competent, reliable, and reputable concert production company cannot be denied.

Early this year, Mariah Carey fell victim to a production team mistake at her Times Square New Year’s performance that led to the exposure of the fact that she was lip syncing her songs. To this day she is being maligned by media critics and her fans in relation to that performance. The amount of damage done to her long career cannot yet be calculated. For Taiwanese pop artist Jay Chow, a performance at the National Stadium was said to be so “disastrous” in sound quality that the attendees petitioned for a refund. In a number of cases, production team blunders have even put an end to prosperous careers (See Ashlee SimpsonMilli Vanilli).

Finding the best production team for you

Often times, performance artists leave it up to their own managers to take care of the technical aspects of their career. Ultimately, though, the final say is up to them. More than enough horror stories are out there to motivate the performers themselves to take matters into their own hands. There are many professional companies to choose from, so of course, research is in order. It is of paramount importance that a reputable company with positive testimonials and press presence is chosen. A good example of such a company is Onstage Systems. They have a consistently professional track record of over 30 years with all types of events such as concerts, sporting events, public speaking events, special holiday celebrations, and more. They are highly committed to safety, optimal proficiency, and they have greening incentives to minimize the impact on the environment.

But Onstage Systems is just one of many production companies. Whichever one a performer decides to go with, it must be clear that they are at least as dedicated to the performer’s reputation as the performer themself.


Business Opportunities of Healthy Lifestyle Trends

Healthy lifestyle has now become a trend among people, especially the urban. Many of the urban citizens adapt a healthy lifestyle as more choose to walk or cycle to work. Even some that reduce the consumption of fast food and prefer to change their diet to a healthier menu. Increasing public awareness, they care about health so that a healthy lifestyle is created. But there are other factors that are still affecting the healthy lifestyle, one of which is time. Many people who want to adopt a healthy life just does not have much time to do so and would like everything is instant.

From this situation, there is a business opportunity that you can use and certainly not to be missed. Lots of business ideas that can be developed from the trend of a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, quite large if you are good at taking advantage of opportunities. Business success of a healthy lifestyle trend is expected to increase with increasing public awareness in Indonesia will live a healthy life.

Tips for Starting a Business of Healthy Lifestyle Trends

For those of you who are interested in trying the business of healthy lifestyle trends, following the early stages of healthy life to start a business is that you can try.

  • Finding Things Many Community Like

Adoption of a healthy lifestyle is very knowledgeable, not only related to physical exercise but also food and many other things. Before you start a business of this lifestyle are trying to do what was being favored by the people of a healthy lifestyle trends. Tips, select the type of business that has the most interest because the greater the faster the market is certainly also the benefits to be achieved. So do not forget to conduct market surveys and research before starting your business.

  • Choosing the High-Level Expansion

In business, the expansion is the thing to do if you do not want your business just that much-much alone. You definitely want to have a business that profits increasing from time to time is not it? Therefore, choose a business that has good prospects, so the expansion of your business can be done quickly. The expansion is meant to be like their relationship business opportunities of healthy lifestyle trends with other types of business opportunities. Tips, if you open for business consulting services diets, then this business can be developed into other related business such as catering and sell healthy food products for dietary needs.

  • Establish Business Concept

Business idea has been prepared, the next is the business concept. Determine the interesting things that can be shown on your business and can be used as a characteristic. This should be considered as good and mature for business concept is interesting and unique can improve the success rate of your business will be. Tips, specify the desired shape business concepts. Example is the type of product, location, customer segmentation and market promotion strategy is also to be applied.…